Our advantages

Our advantages

   •   Our advantages

The equipment for waste treatment is the highest technology, the precisely coordinated combination of individual components, combining our own experience in this field of production with the experience and advanced technologies of our partners. We take responsibility for solving diverse problems.

Our comprehensiveness in the conduct of business

We work as a general contractor on production of plants turn-key ready in cooperation with partners and we also develop and supply their individual components.

To solve multi-faceted tasks, we have a coherent and well-coordinated team of qualified engineers and project managers who have command of modern tools to ensure high-quality completion.

This is a guarantee of unimpeded fulfillment of the order, compliance with deadlines and strict technical European standards.

Our technology: We show direction

One should think further to keep the lead. For this, we take an active part in the development of the technologies of the future in close cooperation with technical universities and research institutes. Thus, we give the direction for tomorrow today.

Our advantage: Perennial experience

Having many years of experience supplying the whole process chain or its individual components, we are constantly optimizing our products and processes for long-term efficient and economic use in accordance with EU environmental standards.

Our main principles are reliability and quality

We have been certified in Health, Safety and Environmental protection management systems.

We are qualified as a boiler manufacturer in accordance to EU directives. Our partners who possess certificates ASME S-Stamp (new construction) and ASME R-Stamp (reparation/refit) have created the basis for use of our products in USA, Canada and other 90 countries.