Aleksey Parkhomenko

Aleksey Parkhomenko

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Aleksey Parkhomenko

Aleksey Parkhomenko


Oleksii Parkhomenko is the CEO and founder of the “NET AG” group of companies, which includes “KZ ENERGETIK” and “KMZP”, specializing in the production of equipment for small, medium and large power systems.

   Since 2000, under his leadership, the companies of the Group have completed over 5,000 successful projects.

   The KMZP consortium (the “Boiler Mechanical Plan Parkhomenko”), which is part of the Group, in addition to power engineering, develops a strategically important for Ukraine renewable energy sector. In particular, it develops projects for the construction of a bio-thermal power plant on chips, straw, and sunflower husk, as well as MSW-TPP.

   Oleksii Parkhomenko was born in 1972 in the town of Monastyryshche, Cherkasy region. Back in school, Oleksii showed entrepreneurial abilities. As he himself recalls, this was real commerce, which had nothing to do with speculation. In his student years, Oleksii showed an interest in professional business and had a desire to engage in entrepreneurship.

In 2002, when he was already the head of the company, Oleksii entered the correspondence department of the Chernigov Institute with a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship, and also received a bachelor's degree in finance. He has no less interest in the commercial sphere than in mechanical engineering. Oleksii was intensively engaged in business before entering the university, but he became very interested in learning something new and applying it in real life.

“KZ ENERGETIK”. Revival of heat and power engineering.

In 2000, Oleksii Parkhomenko decided on a deed that, without exaggeration, has historical significance for the region.

Parkhomenko founded his own company, focused on the production of heat and power equipment of low and medium power; the company receives the name "KZ ENERGETIK".

After registration, “KZ ENERGETIK” bought back the territories and production areas of the local association “RAYSELHOZTEKHNIKA”. Parkhomenko property is a small fleet of mechanical equipment, a motor transportation workshop and a warehouse. On the enterprise, it begins to actively employ local qualified specialists, hundreds of whom have by then lost their jobs at the machine-building plant. First of all, the heads of the main factory divisions are enlisted in the staff of “KZ ENERGETICS”. This allows Parkhomenko to develop its own technical documentation, rely on an effective quality control system and, as a result, successfully launch the production of a wide range of water boilers and steam boilers.

The company has its own non-destructive quality control laboratory, which allows the use of radiography, ultrasonic flaw detection, and hydraulic testing. The heat engineering testing laboratory starts its work.

In 2003, Oleksii Parkhomenko launches its first mass production - steam boilers with a capacity of up to 2.5 tons of steam per hour.

In 2004, the welding technology used at his enterprise is certified by the “SEPROZ” Scientific and Technical Center for Quality Assurance and Certification of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Institute of Electric Welding named after E.O.Paton.

“KZ ENERGETIK” expands the product range, develops transportable boiler installations for the domestic market and the market of the near abroad. The company begins cooperation with certification centers of Belarus and the Russian Federation, enters the CIS market. When in the Russian Federation there is an increased demand for equipment for the oil and gas sector, “KZ ENERGETIK” occupies a significant part of the Russian market.

Since 2006, Oleksii Parkhomenko has been systematically conducting a personnel policy. On his initiative, “KZ ENERGETIK” begins training young specialists in Monastyryshche. A commission for certification of welders is being formed. Thanks to the cooperation with the local schools and the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, Parkhomenko recruits its own staff of the best graduates.

In 2008, he himself became a graduate of the Chernihiv Financial Institute, successfully defended a specialist diploma. However, the ability to set up production and create a professional Parkhomenko team by then already has time to check in practice more than once. His “KZ ENERGETIK” takes a new frontier - the company develops the production of steam boilers with a capacity of up to 10 tons of steam per hour.

In 2010, the company used a new Swedish installation for automatic welding under the flux layer, significantly raising the level of production.

In the period from 2010 to 2014, the “KZ ENERGETIK” commissions a new workshop, opens an additional warehouse, renovates the fleet, organizes a welding laboratory, and purchases modern equipment. The result is not long in coming - the company is passing another important milestone in its technological development - mastering the production of steam boilers with a capacity of up to 25 tons of steam per hour and water boilers with a capacity of up to 12 MW.

Parkhomenko Group of Companies: "KMZP", "KZ Energetik". The path to a large power system.

Since 2014, “KZ ENERGETIC” has been manufacturing equipment for large power TPP. Next year, in 2015, the first boiler was prepared for work with a turbine. At the same time, Oleksii Parkhomenko decided to establish a conceptually new enterprise, the “ Boiler Mechanical Plant Parkhomenko”. Specialization - products for large power engineering.

“KMZP” builds another 2,000 m2 of production space. Moreover, to equip the newly created “KMZP”, Parkhomenko acquires modern equipment.

In the same 2015, the “KZ ENERGETIK” Group of Companies receives certificates of compliance with international quality standards ISO 9001: 2008 by the German certification body TUV.

New company “KMZP” plays the role of an innovative company that develops the direction of renewable energy. In particular, projects for the construction of bio-thermal power plants on straw and chips, as well as thermal power plants on municipal waste. In 2017, the construction of the second production plant of the “KMZP” with an area of ​​5,000 m2 begins, with the administrative building and the boiler house.

“KMZP” establishes cooperation with the leaders of the industry, such as Axis Industries JSC, PBS ENERGO JSC, Polytechnik GmbH, OSCHATZ Energy and Environment GmbH.

Steinmuller Babcock Environment GmbH. “Actively adopting experience of foreign partners, KMZP competently masters advanced European solutions”.

Today, the CEO and businessman Oleksii Parkhomenko believes that their task is to realize the technological revolution. In his opinion, it inevitably leads to a manifold increase in energy consumption and at the same time requires the abandonment of hydrocarbons.