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KMZP - boiler-mechanical plant Parkhomenko - is one of the largest Ukrainian design and production associations that is included in the group of companies NET AG Austria, Vienna. Moreover, KMZP has its own brand and plant ENERGETIK, owned by Parkhomenko Oleksii.

The company specializes in solving problems in the field of big energy and supplies the market with heat and power equipment of any level of complexity and power, including equipment for TPPs (thermal power plants) and CHPPs (coal handling preparation plants).

KMZP technologies allow to produce industrial steam boilers with a steam generating capacity of 100 tons/hour, a pressure of 65 bar, and furthermore, work with sheet metal up to 120 mm thickness.

The factor of product quality is the highest qualification of our employees. 15 years of experience in the industry allows KMZP specialists to solve most technological issues on their own and in exceptional cases use the developments of Western engineers competently.

KMZP is the innovative and actively developing company. Today, it successfully masters the directions of thermal processing of municipal solid waste (segment “WASTE to ENERGY”) and environmentally friendly power system. Together with European partners, the company offers the construction of ultra-modern incineration plants (MSW-TPP) and Bio-thermal power plants on chips, sunflower husk and straw.

Production facilities (more than 10,000 m2) are located in the village called Polovinchik (Cherkasy region) and the central office is located in Kiev. The company is growing and developing all the time, so by the end of 2018, we planned to locate on our plant a Bio-TPP of 7.1 MW of electric power running on wood chips.

KMZP offers a range of services for the development of design documentations, the construction of a turnkey Bio-TPP and a turnkey MSW-TPP, repair and restoration work at TPPs and CHPPs. The solutions are based on the experience of group of companies KMZP, ENERGETIK and on European partners.

Our plants tackle ever more pressing issues that are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient processing of growing volumes of waste.