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  NET New Energy Technologies AG is an Austrian holding company based in Vienna, Austria, which owns subsidiaries KMWP and KW Energetik. Subsidiaries are located in central Ukraine, in the Cherkasy region, the city of Manastyrysche, approximately 200 km from Kiev. 110 employees and modern production facilities have made the company a world known supplier of industrial steam and water heating boilers for plant manufacturers. Permanent customers and end-user power plants appreciate the technical expertise and innovative capabilities of NET New Energy Technologies AG, especially in the field of biomass utilization, the quality of components produced, as well as technological competence.

   NET New Energy Technologies AG has been listed on the direct market of the Vienna Stock Exchange on June 17th, and the target price was set at 2,50 euro per share, which was announced by the company on Wednesday afternoon. Also, the market capitalization of the holding on the Vienna Stock Exchange is 10,000,000.00 €.

   NET New Energy Technologies AG reports that it has applied for the listing of all 4,000,000 shares of the company on the Third Market (MTF) of the Vienna Stock Exchange, which is a "direct market" trading segment.

   The main founder and shareholder of NET AG is Oleksii Parkhomenko, and the second largest shareholder is Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co, which is part of the Rosinger Group.

   It is also important to know that NET New Energy Technologies AG is part of the Rosinger Global Investments Index (ROSINGER INDEX EUR (AT0000A1YXV6)) as of June 2019, with such companies as Raiffeisen, Wiener Privatbank, UNIQA, IBRD and others.

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