Certification of welding production of company according to ISO 3834

   •   Certification of welding production of company according to ISO 3834


In order to increase the competitiveness of products on the European market, the second legal guide of KMPZ LLC decided to certify the welding production of the enterprise in accordance with ISO 3834.

Welding is a special process and requires a special relationship to quality. The international management and quality assurance system in the welding industry provides for the application of the ISO 3834 standard “Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials”, which regulates the required level of requirements for product quality.

If welding production processes are controlled in accordance with this standard, it is recognized that the welds in the final product will meet certain specified quality criteria.

Between September and October, the company trained and certified welders for manual arc welding with coated electrodes (111), arc welding in shielding gases (135), manual argon-arc welding (141), operators of automatic submerged-arc welding machines (121); also the diplomas and certificates of international standard were received.

In October, training and certification of specialists of the technical control service of the enterprise for conducting visual, radiographic, ultrasonic testing in accordance with international standards was carried out.

In October, at the МУАЦ ИЭС им. Е.О. Patona НАН Ukraine technical specialists of the enterprise have been trained, namely chief welder Kisil N.I. and chief technologist Grigorash A.V. After confirming the knowledge and passing the exams well, diplomas of international welding engineers (IWE) from the International Welding Institute were obtained.

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