Mastered the production of drums for power boilers

   •   Mastered the production of drums for power boilers


The KMZP company for the first time manufactured a drum for energy-generating boilers. This drum will be part of the boiler E-30-39-440 R, with a steam generating capacity of 30 tons of steam per hour and a pressure of 3.9 MPa. The boiler will run on alternative fuels, its weight will be almost 400 tons and a height of almost 20 meters.

Work on this project took almost a year and required the use of specific equipment.

To solve the problems posed, the plant was equipped with new modern equipment: plasma and oxygen cutting machine with program control (Czech Republic), machine for rolling shells (Turkey), edge-milling equipment (Poland). A stove was designed and built, and local heat treatment facilities were purchased.

The diameter of the drum is 1600 mm, and the length is 6500 mm, and the weight reaches 18 tons.



The manufacture of an energy boiler drum is further complicated by the fact that such drums are made of metal 40 mm thick and above. Increasing the thickness and dimensions of the drum lead to an increase in its mass-dimensional characteristics, which requires the use of more powerful and expensive equipment, and the use of completely different technologies of rolling, preparation for welding, assembly, welding, control. There is a need for heat treatment of individual parts and components of the product.

Heat treatment of welded joints was carried out according to the instructions developed by the Institute of Electric Welding named after  E.O. Paton. The manufacturing technology of the drum was developed by the specialists of our company and agreed at the same Institute of Electric Welding named after  E.O. Paton, with whom the company has entered into a cooperation agreement.



Vast experience in the field of boiler building, a professional team and all of the above activities have enabled us to successfully master the production of drums under a pressure of 4 MPa (40 bar).

At the moment, preparations are under way for the development of the manufacture of drums under a pressure of 6 MPa (60 bar), and an additional acquisition of a complex for the assembly and welding of European-made shells is planned.

The use of modern progressive equipment, highly qualified personnel, high-quality materials and careful quality control of each operation ensure high quality products in general.

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